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All forms of fishing are increasingly popular, but with our fabulous range of waterways here in Australia, freshwater fishing, and in particular river fishing, is becoming an important past time for many people. Whether you are interested in creek fishing, dam fishing or trying to catch that elusive 'big one' in one of our many glorious rivers, we here at www.riverfishing.com.au aim to help you. Keep coming back to our website as we plan to constantly update our information on fishing charters, river fishing tips, fishing reports and fishing holidays and tours.

River Fishing Destinations in Australia

Australia is such a huge country that even in times of drought there is a river system somewhere which is teeming with fish just waiting for a fisherman to try and catch them. As a result, it is useful to have an idea of some of the better freshwater fishing locations around Australia and know what you can hope to hook there.

Murray River – This impressive waterway offers some of the best river fishing in the country. The Murray Cod may be the river's most famous occupant, but there are plenty of other fish to test your angling skills, such as Silver Perch, Carp, Callop, Bream, Catfish, Redfin and both Brown and Rainbow Trout. The Murray is an enormous river, and lucky fishermen in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia all have a slice of her. Fishing charters can be booked from various spots along the Murray River's banks.

Daly River and Northern Territory Fishing – Located up in the tropical Top End, the Daly River is home to the majestic Barramundi. Many of the Northern Territory's rivers are tidal, making them the ideal place to find Golden Snapper, Mangrove Jack, Blue Salmon and Cod, as well as Barra. One of the best times to head up north for a fishing trip is at the end of the rainy season when the 'run off' occurs. This is when the floodplains run into the rivers, swelling them and making them irresistible to Barramundi who find them an ideal feeding ground.

Severn River – This waterway has some of the best recreational fishing in New South Wales. Fishing charters and cabins are located in numerous places along its banks in beautiful New England. Amongst the fish thriving in her waters are the Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Silver Perch.

Noosa River – More and more people are booking a fishing boat as part of their Noosa break. Some of the fish that can be found include Trevally, Bream, Mangrove Jack, Australian Bass, Whiting Saratoga and Flathead.

Western Australia – Fishing is the biggest recreational sport in this WA and it's no wonder, given the glorious freshwater locations that dot the state. The north has great Barramundi fishing, whilst the cooler waters of the south are home to seasonal Trout fishing. There is also the succulent Marron – Western Australia's delicious freshwater crayfish.

Cairns – This tropical paradise is blessed with a number of excellent river fishing options with the Daintree and Barron Rivers to the north and the Mulgrave and Russell Rivers to the south. Depending on the time of year, your fishing charter may take you to Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Tarpon, Grunter, Trevally, Queenfish, Flathead, Bream, and King and Blue Salmon.

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